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I am a high school student who has always loved to read and lately has learned to improve my writing and I thought I could reflect both and try to share my love of reading. I primarily read Fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction. I am just starting out at reviewing books and as a blogger of any sort so enjoy my reviews and give feedback if you would like. P.S. Hope I'm not spoiling anything


The Atlantis World

This is a review of The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery, Book 3) by A.G. Riddle. This is the final installment of The Origin Mystery trilogy and in my opinion this book is a little far reaching for the previous books and seems like a whole new story because of the weak connections to the previous too. I honestly don’t know what I would name to be my favorite part of this book because of its general averageness but if I were to say the best part about this book it would be the character Ares. He distinguishes himself as the most influential character of the book, maybe millions of years old and having been awake for hundreds of thousands of years, wise from seeing his wife and his home planet destroyed and extremely motivated in the most trying of times, his long life is revealed and along with it the decisions he has made that have shaped the universe and Earth itself. The Immari organization, who have dominated the story so far, become virtually useless now, simply a tool for Ares to reduce the population of Earth to some few dejected humans.

Kate and David will still remain in pivotal roles in this story along with their band of world savers made up of a motley crew that once again is uncannily tied together in their history. Mary Caldwell is a renowned astrophysicist who has been searching for signs of something or someone else with us in the universe, she is the one who receives the distress signal in response to Janus’ signal from Earth and this signal is what sends both the good guys and Ares’ crew on an inter-universal goose hunt, she is also conveniently the ex-husband of Paul Brennar. Paul Brennar is also along for the ride on this adventure and he is just what the doctor ordered, a genius who has dedicated his life to genetics researching, something that will become pivotal as the story progresses and something that has shaped Earth, countless other worlds and the universe up to this point. Faithful Milo is also here, being one of the few characters whose skillset is not perfectly tailored to fit the problems that arise in the book he still provides a faithfulness and optimism that give the story some much needed diversity in character and liveliness in a very dry, dark and scientific story. Last, there is Sonja the extremely capable former leader of the Ceuta rebels who was trapped in the Gibraltar Atlantean ship in the wake of Ares’ Antarctic wave.

The biggest organizations in this story suddenly become races that span the entire universe. First, there is the civilization that Ares built in the wake of his own worlds destruction and the home place of Janus and Isis. The “Laborers world” that Ares established with the lower social class of his second home world and then eventually destroyed due to his programming of the sentinel spheres. There is also the Serpentine race, the mysterious entity who destroyed both Ares world and countless others around the universe in hope of harnessing the power of “The Origin Entity” and in doing so putting the universe in balance and having complete control over space and time. The race that saved Ares after the destruction of his home world was also a broken off branch of the serpentine race who have been long extinct but left behind the legacy of the sentinel spheres and the regeneration home ship which save the Atlanteans countless times.

One of the least believable aspects of this book is one that is fundamental to the plotline and this is the fact that the dominant species that will appear in every ecosystem in the universe is humanity or humanoids; the book is founded upon the fact that this universe is ideally suited for human species’.  It also says maybe in some parallel reality the universe could be ideal for another species. This is why all the alien races that discover Earth are humanoids and why the Serpentine race is looking to assimilate all human races in their goal of universal power.

From the moment that Ares was rescued from the destruction of his race and chosen to resettle their destroyed civilization he had hatched some secret plan to destroy the serpentine race for what they had done to his people and his wife. He was of course warned when he was rescued that to pursue a life in the hope of destroying the Serpentine Race would lead to his and many other human race’s undoing by the avatar of the long extinct broken branch of the serpentine race. What we don’t know for most of the story is that Ares was genetically shaping the human race to be the undoing of the Serpentine Race when they tried to assimilate Earth and this genetic Trojan horse is deployed when they get their hands on their first human, David.

In the end David and Kate both lived and helped the Laborer Race and the Human race survive and now plan to live out their lives and try to make a family and raise the son of Dorian and Kate that they discover is still alive but was placed in an Atlantean tube by Dorian. Dorian himself got tired of being Ares’ puppet and eventually killed the Atlantean soldier hundreds of times before he disabled his own resurrection and Dorian promptly blew himself into outer space to take his own life.


I found the books in The Origin Mystery series to be extremely interesting and diverse in their ideas and setting but they were also very confusing as well as hastily and sometimes sloppily tied together. These are some good reads if you are not easily confused while reading but may be over the head and out of reach of some younger readers.